Strength training with a focus on developing the muscles more than the tendons.

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This is a Contrast-style program for developing muscular strength. The concept of a Contrast is to follow a set of heavy repetitions with a set of lighter (contrast) repetitions. The goal of the program is to increase the weight of the contrast set and get it as close to the same weight as the heavy set as possible.

In this Contrast program, all repetitions begin with a concentric action (for example, the bench press begins with the bar at the bottom and pushing it up instead of at the top and lowering it down), making it great for developing size, strength, and impulse by teaching the nervous system to recruit muscle fibers in the stretched position more efficiently.

Equipment Required (*must-have):

1. Power Rack*

2. Olympic Barbell (45lbs)* or Standard/Junior Barbell

3. Weight Plates*

4. Trap Bar*

5. Landmine Or Dumbbells*

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