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Formerly a sprinter at Windsor University, Alexander Nurse Bey is a Sports Performance coach and the owner of AXIS Performance + Training, located in Scarborough, Ontario. He has helped athletes to secure collegiate and professional contracts across multiple sports including lacrosse, basketball, hockey, boxing, and rugby, and continues to share his systems and philosophies for encouraging athlete vigor and high performance as a speaker and writer.

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Current Partnerships

At AXIS, we are always looking to partner with individuals and organizations that will better enable us to serve our clients. Please feel free to contact us if you or your company are interested.


Dr. Amanda Moore of Pure Motion Centre has been an important part of our success and athlete care model at AXIS Performance, and has been integral to the recovery and resiliency of our athletes post-injury. As one of the most reputable clinics in the city with practitioners of a variety of designations who are all certified in NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) and other standards of continuing education, we are proud to say that our athletes and coaches share a close relationship with her staff and receive their priority attention. Click on the picture to learn more about Amanda’s services.


We have partnered with the Toronto District School Board to give virtual and in-person workshops that provide staff with a curriculum for improving speed, agility, and fitness; as well as tools to assist with the assessment and monitoring of student athletes.


Xero shoes is an excellent brand of minimal-wear shoes that is focused on the health and performance of its customers. With plenty of research in the scientific community on the poor lower-body mechanics created by traditional footwear, the Xero Shoes product line focuses on stylish, comfortable shoes that reduce “heel-toe drop” and sole thickness, and improve the movement and proprioception of the foot and ankle.

Play the video to listen to my review of the shoes, and click on the underlined link here to read the referenced article. 


Nick Littlehales is largely regarded as the world’s #1 (if not only) Sleep Coach. He has worked with athletes across some of the world’s most prestigious events, teams and clubs, and we are lucky to have experienced the benefits of his work first hand. Nick is the creator of the “R90” technique which helps teams and individuals harness the most powerful performance and recovery resource on the planet: sleep. AXIS and BeyPerformance clients working with Nick receive a special discount and a more customized approach to redefining their sleep schedules. Click on Nick’s picture to learn more about his services.


Created by Dr. Emily Splichal, NABOSO provides specialized surfaces which have revolutionized footwear with insoles, mats, and other products that stimulate the nerves of the foot to improve balance, posture, movement quality and the overall function of the nervous system. These surfaces excite the mechanoreceptors in the soles of the foot, providing a rich, proprioceptive environment to affect the entire kinetic chain. Click on Emily’s picture to learn more about her services and to browse the list of available NABOSO products.