Two training sessions per day to build muscle fast.


Militant Hypertrophy is a program that uses two training sessions per day to target the muscle fibers which have the greatest potential for growth. The premise is simple: In the first workout, you will lift heavy weights for lower reps. In the second workout, you will lift lighter weights for higher reps. Each workout is 45 minutes of challenging, rewarding training. It’s hard, and it works!

Maintain a minimum of 4hrs between sessions.

This is my #1 favourite training program for building muscle as quickly as possible. If you eat right, training twice a day as provided in this program might be the most efficient program available for increasing muscle mass.

Required Equipment (*Must have):

1. Power Rack*

2. Weight Plates*

3. Dumbbells*

4. Adjustable Bench*

5. Swiss Ball

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